Three Way Conferences…

I am so excited for our first round of three-way conferences! It is a great opportunity for parents, students and teachers to all come together with the common goal of reflecting on the learning that has already happened and set goals for the future. For this reason it is essential that your son or daughter attends these conferences with you.

Here is what the PYP says about three-way conferences:


This year we are lucky to have conferences before report cards are sent home. This makes sure our conversations, which should be about learning, are not hijacked by a discussing grades. During our time together we will focus on what your child has done well so far and how your child can improve. We will also reflect on their approaches to learning – What ways have they tried to learn and improve? How have those approaches been going? What changes might need to be made in their learning choices?

I recently came across this image on Twitter and I will be using it to help me create a positive, collaborative and inclusive conference structure. I hope to see you all there! 🙂


With regards to scheduling date and time for these conferences, you should have either been already contacted by the office or can expect to be contacted by the office very shortly. If neither of these evenings work for your family, please send me an email and we can arrange an alternate date and time.

Everyone’s a Genius…

Thanks to one of our parents – Nada – for emailing me this video!

I think it perfectly sums up both the PYP approach to school and what I personally believe about teaching and learning. Our children are amazing, creative, unique, brilliant individuals and they deserve better than a school system that was designed for life 150 years ago! Thanks to all of you for always being supportive of the risks we take in room 253, in our attempt to avoid the “educational malpractice” that he speaks of! I could not have asked for a more supportive group of parents! 🙂

Wizard of Oz…

If your family is interested in attending the AIS performance of The Wizard of Oz, here is some information about dates and ticket prices.



Sunday, November 20– Day 4 (PE, Religion, Arabic)

Monday, November 21- Day 5 (Religion, Music, Arabic)

Tuesday, November 22 – Day 6 (PE, Arabic) THREE-WAY CONFERENCES

Wednesday, November 23  – Day 1 (Religion, Arabic) THREE-WAY CONFERENCES

Thursday – NO SCHOOL