Hi everyone!

I am going to keep this short and sweet as I am just arriving back in Kuwait after a lovely trip to Oman and Dubai. I have missed your children immensely and cannot wait to hear all of their stories!

Personal news…

As your son or daughter may have told you, this will be the last year myself and Mr. Mike will be living in Kuwait and working at AIS. We have absolutely loved our 4 years here and feel very thankful to have met such wonderful students and families. We chose to leave our own families in Canada 4 years ago so we could explore the world and learn about different cultures and we feel it is time to move on and immerse ourself in a new region of the world! Although we will be leaving with sad and heavy hearts at the end of this school year, we are also excited for a new adventure living and teaching in Vietnam. But these goodbyes are very far away… and I am excited to soak up the remaining weeks I have with your wonderful children.

Learning this week…

UOI – This week we will continue to tune into our 5th UOI about “How We Organize Ourselves” as we inquire into the how decisions about energy production, management and consumption can lead to a sustainable future.

Literacy – Before the break, students completed a mid-way check in for our current unit about opinion writing. This week students will self-assess as well as receive feedback from peers and myself about how to continue to grow an improve in this form of writing. Students will also continue to dedicate time to focusing on their personal reading goals and be offered a wide range of conferences, guided groups and workshops to help develop these skills.

Math – This week we will begin a new mini-math unit where students inquire into geometric shapes. Students will tune into what they already know about shapes and  then inquire into new attributes, uses and methods for measuring a wide range of polygons.


Monday – Day 6 (PE, Arabic/AFL)

Tuesday – Day 1 (Religion/RFL/Exploration, Arabic/AFL)

Wednesday – Day 2 (PE, Art, Arabic/AFL)

Thursday – Day 3 (Religion/RFL/Exploration, Arabic/AFL)