Wanted: Energy Experts…

Students are exploring and reflecting on different sources of learning. So far we have used videos, books, tinker and encyclopedias to help us learn about energy. This week we are planning to use Twitter, articles, data and hopefully… experts – if we can find them! So if you are someone you know works in an energy-related field (power, fuel, electricity etc.) we would love to have you/them come into our class (physically or virtually) to share your knowledge about energy. If you/they cannot come in, we can easily arrange a Skype from the comfort of your home or office.

Please email me at taryn.bondclegg@ais-kuwait.org if you or someone you know may be interested in being one of our experts.


What We’re Learning this week…

UOI – This week students will continue to inquire into the concept of energy, but more specifically the decisions that are made about energy at the individual, family, community, organization and national level. Students will continue to explore and reflect on different sources of learning throughout their inquiries.

Literacy – This week students will be receiving feedback about their opinion texts. All students will receive teacher feedback in person or via video and have the opportunity to apply their feedback and strengthen their opinion text. Students will develop their reading and viewing skills in a transdisciplinary context as they inquire into our UOI.

Math  – This week students will continue to inquire into geometry. Specifically students will be exploring what can be measured about geometric shapes and what tools mathematicians use to conduct such measurements.


Sunday, April 30 – Day 3 (Religion/RFL/Exploration; Arabic/AFL)

Monday, May 1 – Day 4 (PE, Religion/RFL/Exploration; Arabic/AFL)

Tuesday, May 2 – Day 5 (Religion/RFL/Exploration; Art; Arabic/AFL)

Wednesday, May 3 – Day 6 (PE, Arabic/AFL)

Thursday, May 4 – Day 1 (Religion/RFL/Exploration; Arabic/AFL)