Full 5 day week…

I’m assuming by now that you have received official school communication that Tuesday, May 9th is no longer of Professional Development day for staff and therefor will be a normal day of school students. Just wanted to send a reminder to ensure there is no confusion 🙂

Reading Assessment…

This week we will be doing our spring reading assessment. In order to complete the assessment students will need to bring their device to school each day with the following three requirements:

a) fully charged

b) enough storage to record videos

c) connected to the school internet to be able to email the video file

Learning This Week…

UOI – this will be our final week to inquire into How We Organize Ourselves. Students will continue to explore multiple sources of learning and then towards the end of the week choose their own sources of learning to go further into the areas that are of most interest to them.

Literacy – this students will be completing their spring reading assessment and beginning a new writing unit on narrative writing. Students will tune into what they already know about narrative writing, and their current strengths as narrative writers, as well as the areas in which they can grow and improve over the coming weeks.

Math – On Sunday, students will have a chance to show what they have learned about geometry. If your son or daughter would like more practice with these concepts or skills, I sent and email home on Thursday will a variety of resources to help support their learning at home. Then we will dive into our final unit of math – fractions and decimals! Students will have an opportunity to show off what they already know and understand about these concepts, then we will begin to inquire into new understandings and skills.


*Because of the changes to the schedule, please pay close attention to the “days” as the do not follow the regular structure*

Sunday, May 7 – Day 2 (PE, Art, Arabic/AFL)

Monday, May 8 – Day 3 (Religion/RFL/Exploration, Arabic/AFL)

Tuesday, May 9  – Day 2 (PE, Art, Arabic/AFL)

Wednesday, May 10 – Day 4 (PE, Religion/RFL/Exploration, Arabic/AFL)

Thursday, May 11 – Day 5 (Religion/RFL/Exploration, Art, Arabic/AFL)