Field Trip….

As you have probably heard by now, we are going to TRAMPO for a field trip the morning of Wednesday, May 17. Your son or daughter should be able to convince you as to why jumping around on trampolines connects to our current Unit of Inquiry about energy. 😉


Permission forms will be due Monday, May 15. Please ensure your son or daughter brings it back to school as soon as possible.

Also, we will not be able to go unless we have at least one chaperone… which as of now, we do not have. If you are free and willing to come help supervise please email me as soon as possible.

PYP Student-Led Conferences…

It is the time of year for student-led conferences! These are always the BEST conferences of the year, because they are a special time for you to sit down with your son or daughter and listen to them reflect and share their learning journey with you. These are very different from three-way conferences as I am not involved in the conversation you will have with your child.

During this time, your son or daughter will have a portfolio to share with you. It is important to point out that what they have chosen to put inside their portfolio does not constitute their “best work”, but rather an artifact that represents their best learning. To you it may not look like much, but to them it may represent a big discovery, realization, shift in thinking or moment of personal growth. I will lay out some suggested questions for parents to ask, to help you supportively ask reflective questions about the artifacts they have chosen to share with you.


By now you should have received an email about how to set up this conference. Since this a student-led conference, each time slot will have 4 students sharing their portfolios simultaneously with their parents inside the classroom. I will be at the door to greet you… but the rest will be done by your amazing son or daughter. 🙂

If this is your first student-led conference, please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. These conferences do look and feel quite different from three-way conferences and parent-teacher conferences, but they are a truly amazing way for students to share their learning journey with you!

What We’re Learning This Week…

UOI – Sunday students will share their learning about our energy unit, then we are on to our 6th and final Unit of Inquiry of the year – How We Express Ourselves. Students will tune into to what they already know about responding to and creating drama, and from there we will use their prior knowledge and curiosities to drive the rest of the unit over the remaining weeks of school.

Literacy – Students are currently engaged in an end of year reading assessment where they will have a chance to demonstrate the growth they have made as readers. As writers, students will continue to reflect on the stories they have written and work to improve them. This week, the focus will be on how writers use dialogue in their stories to develop the events and the experiences of the characters.

Math – This week, students will continue to inquire into fractions. The focus this week will be transferring their own unique way of representing fractions into the conventional symbols and notation mathematicians use for showing equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and when adding and subtracting fractions.


Sunday, May 14 – Day 6 (PE, Arabic/AFL)

Monday, May 15 – Day 1 (Religion/RFL/Exploration, Arabic/AFL)

Tuesday, May 16 – Day 2 (PE, Art, Arabic/AFL)

Wednesday, May 17 – Day 3 (Religion/RFL/Exploration, Arabic/AFL) *FIELD TRIP & STUDENT-LED CONFERENCES*

Thursday, May 18 – Day 4 (PE, Religion/RFL/Exploration, Arabic/AFL)