Keeping in touch…

Over the past year I have grown to love your children. I have built strong, authentic relationships with them and I am very sad to have to say goodbye.

I would love to give students my personal email address so they can send me emails if they like. However, if you feel uncomfortable with this and prefer that I do not share my personal email address with your child please let me know and I will respect your wishes.

Your feedback…

Thanks to may of you who have taken the time to fill in my report card!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to share your thoughts and feedback with me about how this year went for our son or daughter, please take 5-10 minutes and do so. I am not looking for praise or an ego boost – I am a learner and always trying to become a better PYP educator – so please feel free to be honest and constructive. It helps me grow. Click here for the link to the survey. 

Skype with the IB…

As you know, the IB has shown interest in how our classroom has respected and supported students’ agency as learners this year. On Monday, a member of the PYP development team, Anne Van Dam,  will Skyping with our class to interview students and find out advice for other PYP teachers!


Sunday, June4 – Day 2 (PE, Art, Arabic/AFL)

Monday, June 5 – Day 3 (Religion/RFL/Exploration, Arabic/AFL)

Tuesday, June 6 – Day 4 (PE, Religion/RFL/Exploration, Arabic/AFL)

Wednesday, June 7 – Day 5 (Religion/RFL/Exploration, Art, Arabic/AFL)

Thursday, June 8 – Day 6 (PE, Arabic/AFL)